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Welcome to the Vinnell Arabia Internet Recruiting Website!

Vinnell Arabia has been working for the Saudi Arabia Ministry of the National Guard (MNG) and U.S. Army Office of the Program Manager – Saudi Arabia National Guard Modernization Program (OPM-SANG) since 1975 both here in Riyadh and throughout Saudi Arabia. We provide World Class ground and air systems training as well as logistical, operational and support services throughout MNG encompassing a very broad spectrum. Everything from fielding and providing New Equipment Training for the newest Light Armored Vehicle Family of Vehicles and UH-60 helicopters, to providing tactical training at the Platoon through Brigade level, to developing a Command and General Staff College, to operating and maintaining the MNG airfields, to providing English Language Training and virtually everything in between. We are very proud of our longstanding relationship and partnership with MNG and OPM-SANG, however; we are not standing still, we are continually striving to improve ourselves; our performance, our systems, and our contribution to the successes of our MNG and OPM-SANG partners. We are continually developing our workforce and recruiting new talent. If you are interested in employment with Vinnell Arabia and have the skills and professionalism needed to join our team do not hesitate to contact our recruiters on this website.

I look forward to welcoming you to Saudi Arabia and Vinnell Arabia!

Ross E. Ridge
General Manager