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About Vinnell Arabia:

Vinnell Arabia is the leader in U.S. military doctrine-based training, logistics, and support services inside Saudi Arabia. We answer our customer’s requirements perfectly throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and have done so for over 35 years.
With over 1,250 highly experienced employees Kingdom-wide, over half of whom are Saudi nationals, we provide a unique knowledge-base of experience and talent.

Vinnell Arabia’s services are custom tailored to meet our specific customer needs. We have successfully integrated, fielded, trained and supported U.S. and internationally manufactured systems.

Our expertise in designing, developing and executing training systems is only achieved by highly qualified former U.S. military and other U.S. government agency personnel, such as you, using time-tested and proven procedures.

Vinnell Arabia is an international corporation based in Saudi Arabia dedicated to providing the best in military training, logistics and support to the Saudi Arabian Minisrty of the National Guard (MNG).

We are a registered Saudi Arabian Joint Venture LLC, owned by Arab Builders for Trading (ABT) and Northrop Grumman Corporation

-Technical Services Sector.

Institutional Training Division

The Institutional Training Division (ITD) is the largest multi-cultural division in Vinnell Arabia, employing over 500 employees. ITD’s mission is to provide World Class institutional training and education support to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the National Guard (MNG).

ITD coordinates with the Office of the Program Manager for the Saudi Arabia National Guard Modernization Program and provides high quality institutional training and education support directly to MNG commanders, staffs, faculty, officers and soldiers within the National Guard Military Schools Command, Training Support and Military Doctrine Unit Command, and MNG Command and General Staff College.

ITD is responsible for the development and revision of MNG’s military doctrinal publications, programs of instruction, and technical publications; conduct of the English Language Training Program in support of the Defense Language Institute - English Language Center; Continental United States Schools support, development and production of Training Aids and Devices; operations and training simulations for Light Armored Vehicle variants; operational maintenance of Kingdom-wide live-fire and maneuver ranges; and development and establishment of MNG’s Command and General Staff College.

ITD is one of five divisions supporting the Directorate of Training within Vinnell Arabia on the Office of the Program Manager – Saudi Arabia National Guard Ground Support Contract dedicated to the Saudi Arabia National Guard Modernization Program.

The Institutional Training Division of Vinnell Arabia
“Supporting the development of MNG soldiers and leaders to meet 21st century regional security challenges.”

Unit Training Division

Responsible for modernization and training the Ministry of the National Guard (MNG) Units as directed by the Office of the Program Manager (OPM). Plans, coordinates and executes highly effective unit and individual sustainment training across the spectrum of combat operations by providing mentoring in specific War Fighting Functions. Enhances the MNG combat readiness by providing realistic, responsive and deployable Mobile Training Teams (MTT), Situational Training Exercises (STX), Battle Staff Training (BST), Command Post Exercises (CPX), and other collective training programs. Coaches and assists leaders in gunnery, maintenance and support tasks for continuous development of operational skills to sustain combat readiness.

Training Assistance Branch
Plans, coordinates, and executes highly effective unit and individual sustainment training of combat operations in War Fighting Functions in order to attain, sustain, and enforce a higher standard of combat readiness.

Battle Staff Exercise Branch
Enhance combat readiness by providing realistic, responsive and deployable training programs employing the Modern Environment Doctrine and Opposing Forces that facilitates the conduct of CPX, STX, Field Training Exercises, Leaders Training Program, Observer Controller/Trainer Training Program and other individual and experience, with an end state of providing the MNG a Combat Training Center Training Environment in the future.

Training Sustainment Team
Trains, coaches, mentors, and assists brigade leaders and units in training and maintenance tasks to support the MNG efforts to improve and sustain the combat readiness of the brigade.

Logistics Training Division

Logistics Training Division provides world class professional logistics, maintenance, and personnel management training to the Ministry of the National Guard. LTD plays an instrumental role in conducting and supporting New Equipment Training and fielding of new LAVs to ensure the customer receives the best possible product. The division is comprised of nine branches:

Training Branch provides sustainment training to modernize brigade personnel in equipment maintenance and recovery operations, material management, automated logistics management systems, supply management operations, field services operations, logistician staff training (CSS MDMP), transportation and movement operations.

Maintenance Operations Branch (MOB) provides highly skilled maintenance technicians and maintenance management to repair and maintain MNG equipment. MOB performs backup organizational, DS maintenance, and limited GS maintenance support to MNG equipment and weapon systems. It provides DS and GS maintenance support for fire control equipment.

Supply Operations Branch (SOB) trains MNG personnel on supply and materiel management procedures, warehouse operations and procedures for utilizing automated logistics systems.

Directorate of Weapons and Ammunition Training Section (DWATS) trains and educates DWA weapons and ammunition personnel to procure, receive, store, issue and conduct ammunition surveillance and maintenance operations.

Foreign Military Sales Supply Branch (FMSSB) Requisitions, tracks, receives, inspects, stores, and issues all FMS equipment and property procured for MNG through the FMS system.

Communications and Electronics Branch provides technical expertise to install, repair and maintain the communications and navigational equipment in OPM-SANG and Contractor vehicles, fixed and field locations.

The Vinnell Arabia Transportation Branch (VATB) is responsible for managing the movements and delivery of goods and services associated with FMS customers.

Signal Warehouse Operations Branch trains and assists MNG Signal Corps Maintenance Unit with the performance of maintenance and supply operations and development of SOPs.

MNG G-1 & Officer Affairs trains and assists MNG in digitizing and archiving personnel records and documents. Develops and refines internal and external doctrine, policy and SOPs which includes Human Resource Management System (HRMS), web-based tools and technology to manage both hardcopy and electronic records.

Health Affairs Division

Health Affairs Division (HAD) is dedicated to modernization and improvement of the Ministry of the National Guard (MNG) Health Affairs. Activities focus on field health services support, and its ability to support MNG combat operations. Dynamic efforts involve developing, conducting and assessing the training of 50+ field medical units Kingdom-wide on an annual basis; including medical elements of units organized to address/support specific requirements as firefighting and security services readiness.

HAD engages Field Medical Headquarters and field units in the Kingdom’s three regions via training and coaching efforts focused on command and control, operations and training, medical logistics, and information technology training and infrastructure.

HAD supports institutional medical training and doctrinal development to develop, sustain and improve the foundation for modernization efforts of the MNG Health Affairs, Military Field Medical Command, and the Allied Health Sciences Military School.

HAD training and assistance to the Ministry of the National Guard applies internationally recognized standards to medical skills certification and training, and to teaching and integrating functional use of the English language in a clinical healthcare setting. In all respects, HAD is a dynamic organization on the leading edge of engagement with MNG health support entities, proactively pursuing a modern, integrated, fully capable combat health services system.

إدارة الشؤون الصحية

تكرس إدارة الشؤون الصحية جهدها لتطوير وتحسين الشؤون الصحية في وزارة الحرس الوطني. إذ تركز الأنشطة على إسناد الخدمات الصحية الميدانية، وقدرتها على إسناد العمليات القتالية لوزارة الحرس الوطني. وتتضمن الجهود الفعالة إعداد التدريب وتنفيذه وتقييمه لأكثر من خمسين وحدة طبية ميدانية على مستوى المملكة سنويا، بما في ذلك العناصر الطبية للوحدات المنظمة لتلبية المتطلبات المحددة أو إسنادها مثل جاهزية خدمات الأمن ومكافحة الحرائق.

تكلف إدارة الشؤون الصحية قيادة الطب الميداني والوحدات الميدانية بالمشاركة في مناطق المملكة الثلاثة من خلال جهود التدريب والتمرين التي تركز على القيادة والسيطرة والعمليات والتدريب والإمدادات الطبية بالإضافة إلى التدريب على تقنية المعلومات والبنية التحتية.

إضافة إلى ذلك، تساند الإدارة منشأة التدريب الطبي والتطوير العقائدي لوضع وتعزيز وتحسين أسس جهود تطوير الشؤون الصحية في وزارة الحرس الوطني وقيادة الطب العسكري الميداني والمدرسة العسكرية للعلوم الصحية المساعدة.

كما تلتزم إدارة الشؤون الصحية فيما يتعلق بتقديم المساعدة لوزارة الحرس الوطني وتدريبها بتطبيق المعايير المعترف بها دوليا لمنح شهادة المهارات الطبية والتدريبية، وكذلك تعليم اللغة الإنجليزية ودمج استخدامها العملي في إطار الرعاية الصحية السريرية. وتمثل هذه الإدارة منظمة دينامية رائدة في تولي الأعمال بالتعاون مع كيانات إسناد الصحة في وزارة الحرس الوطني، حيث تسعى بصورة استباقية إلى إيجاد نظام خدمات صحية متجدد ومتكامل ومؤهل تماما للقتال.

Eastern Region Division


The Eastern Region Division (ERD) is responsible for the fielding of the New Family of Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs) and provides New Equipment Training (NET) to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of the National Guard as part of their Modernization Program. It is currently providing NET to the King Abdul Aziz Mechanized Brigade (KAAMB) and the King Abdullah Brigade (KAB). The KAAMB has been involved in NET for over two years and is nearing the end of its LAV-25 A2 NET and will soon be transitioning to specialty platoon training (Anti-Tank, Assault Gun , and Mortars) while the KAB Brigade has just started LAV-25 A2 NET and has not started its specialty platoon training.


The Eastern Region has two main branches that provide NET training. The New Equipment Training Branch (NETB) trains turreted LAV operations from gunner to commander through the whole spectrum of company level combat operations. The Eastern Region Maintenance Branch (ERMB) trains LAV maintenance at the organizational and direct support maintenance and maintains the LAV fleet during NET. Together these two branches work to integrate the new LAVs into the doctrinal and operational fabric of the command focusing on maintenance and operational proficiencies. The Eastern Region also has a host of support sections and detachments that provide much needed support of training and subsistence.


The Eastern Region Division is located in Hofuf in the eastern region of the country approximately 360 KMs from Riyadh and 150 KMs from Dammam. Hofuf has a long history and a traditional charm, but is a growing modern city. Hofuf has shopping centers, malls, and fast food establishments, which attract Western shoppers. A Shopping experience in Hofuf can be a traditional cultural experience or be similar to a trip to modern shopping center anywhere else in the world. Hofuf is a small town with a regional charm that can easily be compared to any small town; it is a good place to live and work.

Vinnell Arabia Aviation

A world class aviation training organization dedicated to providing flight operation, supply chain management, aviation safety, air traffic control, aviation life support equipment management, crash-fire-rescue, English language and aviation standards training to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of the National Guard (MNG).

Flight Operations Provide full service flight operations support and training in support of the MNG Aviation modernization program. Additionally, oversee and manage heliport operations and base field support.

Aviation Logistics Supply Chain Management Provide supply chain management and logistics aviation maintenance support to MNG Aviation’s first training battalion through responsive logistics management of critical aviation parts and tools. Provide logistics instruction to MNG Aviation logisticians through a comprehensive "On the Job Training" program and daily teaching, coaching and mentorship.

Safety Advise and support MNG Aviation Safety Management program in safeguarding and preserving MNG soldiers and property by reducing accidents; advise, assist and monitor Command Safety related programs and support MNG Aviation in the development of a Risk program.

Air Traffic Control Provide safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic while in flight and all ground movements, prevent a collision between aircraft operating in the KAH airspace and to provide weather advisory service to the maximum extent possible. Train MNG personnel in all aspects of air traffic control as well as airspace management and deconfliction.

Life Support Equipment Provide the proper issue, accountability maintenance and sustainment of MNG Aviation Life Support Equipment in order to ensure the safety of all MNG, OPM and VA flight crews in the performance of their flight duties.

Crash, Fire, Rescue Provide MNG Aviation Heliport Crash, Fire (CFR) support, assisting in medical emergencies while mitigating hazardous material leaks or spills and train MNG Aviation soldiers in (CFR) tasks through a comprehensive "On the job training" curriculum.

Aviation Standards Provide comprehensive collective and individual basic and advanced flight instruction on the MD530F to the Saudi Arabian National Guard Aviation student pilots.

English Language Training Teach and prepare MNG trainees to a level of English proficiency to enter DLI for further English instruction and follow-on technical or professional training.